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Here are the top Frequently Asked Questionsabout Grillz, and custom jewelry by Seattle Gold Grills clients!

Our #1 Question about Buying Grillz is HOW MUCH! 

Unfortunately 90% of our inquiries that are not ready to make a purchase start with these type of questions.. Tbh WE ALL WOULD LOVE TO DO use this TIME SPENDING APPROACH when Visiting your local McDonalds or GROCERY STORE.... LOL :)

It's more about Your Budget range (Today) & time frame for your order versus #HowMuch. 

With LOVE.


You can buy grillz anywhere on Earth long as the Post Office will Deliver.. 

First step is ordering and we do the rest!

Depends on how well your mold kit impressions are executed.

For Custom Grillz this is the most important step.

After receiving proper mold kits it takes about 2-4 weeks to complete depending on the design.

Trust! We will not quit until they fit! if MOLD KITS are done right they will fit. If not we will have to remold you and remake FREE OF CHARGE. 

Either way no worries!

We have Dentists connections that can help you in executing your Permanent Grillz procedure

First step is hiring us to make your Grillz as we unfortunately are not a PERMANENT GRILL REFERRAL SERVICE. :)

Yes! And we can make your Grillz look nice! DO NOT WORRY!

We can make your Grillz look straight, and look like your actual teeth. 


There is extra costs per tooth to cover missing teeth with grillz as we have to recreate each tooth to make it fit and look like your actual teeth!

Great question! 

You will have to wait on braces but you can absolutely get Grillz over your retainer as Grillz work the same way and using the same dental impression kit procedures!

Great question as we know a lot of companies can be pretty confusing with the quality of their Jewelry products. 

We have been selling REAL JEWELRY since 1976 in Seattle, WA and worldwide! 

Family Jewelers at your service!

We don’t melt down old jewelrybutwill pay for your gold by today’s market value of gold and give you credit towards new one.

Of course we fix broken chain and all jewelry made from precious metals! We can replace your broken clasp, ring, pendant and in completely repair your jewelry of all kinds! Grillz not made by us cannot be repaired however we must remake.

We can professionally appraise all of your jewelry for insurance purposes.

Since 1976!

Stop by our New Location or send it to our laboratories for inspections/pricing. 

We unfortunately are not a Pawn Shop that are licensed to buy jewelry from the public.

Give us a call to discuss other options that would possibly include our licensed gold buyers, and refiners!