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About Us

Grillz have been one of the most popular items in the world of jewelry. From the biggest of rappers to anyone you might find on the street, grillz took them all by storm and have retained their popularity since then. And it gives no shortage of pride to be one of the biggest suppliers of grillz in the country. At Seattle Gold Grillz, we bring your jewelry dreams to life in astonishingly beautiful fashion.

Fred Bennett Creations, the parent company of Seattle Gold Grillz has been in business since 1976. 

It’s a family business that has been operational in Seattle for all this time. Created by Fred Bennett Sr, Fred Bennett Creations has been providing jewelry to the citizens of Seattle with distinct service, and products that provide sublime quality at all times, no matter when you use them. 

In 2016, Fred Bennett Creations saw a daughter company emerge. Fred’s son, Fred Bennett Jr., decided to create a subsidiary that specifically dealt with gold grillz. Grillz are something Seattle Gold Grillz had been dealing in since 1998. Their immense popularity helped them find their own special place in Seattle. 

Seattle Gold Grillz was thus created in order to provide jewelry enthusiasts worldwide the chance to have their teeth look great without having to spend thousands on them.

Seattle Gold Grillz

Seattle Gold Grillz is a family venture that started out to give people some of the best jewelry solutions for their teeth and then became one of the pioneers of grillz. Offering multiple kinds of grillz, Seattle Gold Grillz has the capacity and the expertise to make your teeth look great and come to life. 

The founder, Fred Bennett Jr., learned the trade of jewelry from his father. Having honed his skills, he created Seattle Gold Grillz as an alternative to the many thousands of dollars people spend adorning their teeth. No one at Seattle Gold Grillz expected teeth grillz to blow up as much as they did, but their growth helped the company grow over the years. 

Currently, Seattle Gold Grillz offers a number of great options for its clients. These include diamond grillz, gold grillz, and a number of unique designs for our customers. Diamond grillz may sound rare, but they are high in demand. After all, who doesn’t want their smile to shine whenever they flash it?

Each and every single one of Seattle Gold Grillz products are designed to give your teeth and you the best look possible. Our products are designed and tested to ensure quality and to make sure that you get the grillz you deserve. It’s a family business that treats its customers like family as well. 

Seattle Gold Grillz currently ships its products worldwide, with mold kits being sent out to get the impression of our customer’s teeth. We are a business that’s built for the customers and has their ease and comfort as top priority in everything that we do. If you’re looking for grillz that are bound to get the best out of your teeth, Seattle Gold Grillz is the company for you.

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