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Diamond Grillz

Diamond Grillz & Custom Fit Grillz Teeth!

VVs Diamond Grillz by Seattle Gold Grills 

We have been receiving a large volume of requests for fully iced out Diamond Grillz as this is what almost everyone is looking for especially in hip hop jewelry. Terms like "Church windows" have become popular amongst the youth as the Migos rapper Quavo Grill has singlehandedly coined the phrase with his Emerald Cut Diamond Grillz set made by Houston Jeweler Johnny Dang valued over a million dollars.

Emerald-Cut Diamond Grillz

Emerald cut diamond grillz feature very nice size emerald cut diamonds set side by side in an invisible setting for that highly sought after "all diamond" look. The white gold custom made emerald cut diamond grillz set made for Quavo was a 1 of 1 style never before seen, and had very nice quality emerald-cut diamonds. We can definitely make a unique style grillz featuring nothing but quality VVS emerald cut diamonds as well with our own twist!

Honeycomb Grillz

Honeycomb grillz are definitely our most requested style of all as they are much less affordable and feature round brilliant diamonds which are actually the most expensive cut of diamonds. This style is so beautiful as it features small round diamonds set so close it almost looks like all diamonds! Each diamond is held by several prongs for ultimate security. These look great as VVs grillz or SI Diamond grillz alike!

Baguette Diamond Grillz

Baguette diamond grillz are one of the most searched for grillz styles online by far! Something about how baguette diamonds sit on the teeth really make people desire this look. Baguette diamonds have also been very popular amongst rappers since the 1980s. The name is notorious in rap lines like Lil Kims where she stated; "F@ck them stone sets I got my own baguettes!" This was one of the world's favorite lines on the smash single Crush On You by Junor M.A.F.I.A.

Invisible Set Diamond Grillz

Invisible set diamond grillz aka princess cut diamond grillz will always be the top request since it is synonymous with the all diamond look. A lot of times our clients don't even know the name of this style all they know is they want the all diamond look! Invisible set grillz take longer than normal and definitely requires the mold kits being extremely accurate for perfect fitting.

Multi-Color Diamond Grillz

Multi-Color Diamond Grillz became popular after the smash single "Grillz" by the hip hop artist Nelly. In the video flaunting his princess-cut blue diamond grillz he set the highest standard at the time for grillz. Artists like Young Dolph, Kevin Gates Grillz, and others made the demand for canary yellow diamond grillz, black diamond grillz, and blue diamond grillz go out the roof!

Our Grillz Travel the World!

Our top-bottom diamond custom grillz sets are now being shipped to every country in the world due to your unwavering support. We make our diamond gold teeth in 10k solid yellow gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, and 22k gold, white gold, rose gold, and sterling silver with the gold plated option upon our client's request. We do not specialize in stainless steel grillz.

More Designs

We are able to make single tooth grillz aka tooth cap fully flooded in pave set or honeycomb set diamonds. We also make diamond bottom grillz, gap grillz, and open face grillz upon your request. To have the diamond teeth installed permanently you will need to see a local dentist who has to do the permanent procedure.

After placing your order please inform us if you have any dental issues so we can guide give proper advice on how to proceed before getting your grillz. After we confirm your order mold kits will be shipped out so we can complete your order! It takes 1-2 months for all diamond grillz to be made.


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On Grillz they are all CUSTOM MADE so we can't do refunds but will not stop until your set is made to perfection..


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