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Diamond Dust Gold Grillz

Gold Diamond dust grillz are by far our most searched for designs online. Our gold diamond dust grillz are available in 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, and 22k yellow gold. Also available in white gold, and rose gold upon your request! Open face diamond dust grillz are an option also. These are not the same as custom diamond grillz as diamond dust grillz do not contain actual diamonds they are just another form of diamond cuts created with a diamond tipped tool.

Solid Gold Diamond Dust Grillz are a great route for getting fully iced out grillz at a cheap price which is what a lot of people want. We often get clients looking for crushed diamond grillz, and we often explain there is no such thing. The main reason there is no point of taking such a valuable item like diamonds and crushing them down to something invaluable as dust.

These are custom grillz handmade to fit only your teeth which is not at all the same as pre made grillz.. We custom fit our grillz to your teeth via mold kit impressions so they will feel comfortable when you wear them on your daily travels. Another option is have your teeth impressions done by a licensed dentist who can also perform dental procedures for getting permanent gold teeth.

Diamond dust grillz are a shiny form of teeth jewelry and not meant to fix teeth or broken fillings. Any consequential losses or damages arising from wearing grillz as dental cover ups is on you. Please contact a licensed dentist to repair any fillings or dental work before wearing grillz.

After doing your molds it takes 10-14 business days to make your custom fit grillz. We make sure that they are tight fit, covering the gumlines, and come with the metal stamp on the backs of our sets.

All purchases made on the website are powered/secured by Paypal Braintree. All you do is ADD TO CART and purchase then paypal sends us a receipt with your shipping address (Via your credit/debit card). We ship mold kits out via USPS Priority mail that day!