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July 05, 2021 6 min read

Which celebrities have worked with Seattle Gold Grills?


You will find many names for this unique piece of jewelry. Grills, grillz, fronts or simply referred to “as that shiny piece rappers wear on their teeth” are just some of the names for thisjewelry. Very popular today in the entire fashion world, the grillz have risen to a level that is not only connected to the hip-hop culture but solely appreciated as must-have statementjewelry.


Grillz have mainly been associated and popular with the hip-hop community. And that was for decades. As for many different styles, fashion garments, and accessories, the hip-hop culture was the base from where other trends evolved and emerged. It is stilla fundamentalpartof the street style and has a huge influence on the current changing fashion trends. As for the grillz, it was only in the last several years that these jewelry pieces have really become the mainstream.


Today, you can expect to see all different kinds of people, with different fashion styles and preferenceswearing the grillz. And that only speaks of the popularity it is enjoying. Firstly, the grillz have been popular among the male hip-hop population. However, the changing trends have made this piece available for women too, so it is no secret that some of the female celebrities, fashionistas, and it-girls were seen wearing all different sorts of grillz.


But, the core style of this piece does belong to the hip-hop culture, and aspecial group of fans of this piece is the musicians and the sportsmen. The latter category has delivered some popular names at ourSeattle Gold Grills store, each one with its own story and custom-made grillzpiece.


What types of grillz can you find at Seattle Gold Grills store?


Seattle Gold Grills specializes in the most unique, original, and attractive grillz pieces, that have been very popular lately. Unlike some other regular jewelry pieces, the grillz are truly unique and custom-made, with designs that can represent each individual and their personality in the best possible light. Buying the first set of grillz can be a challenging thing to do, so it is always good to know what you should be looking for.


The best stylish grillz that are part of the current fashion trends are the ones that you will find at Seattle Gold Grills. The selection is exceptionally wide and different, carefully curated to satisfy all different tastes, preferences, and styles. With us, you can choose between gold grillz, silver grillz, diamond grillz, and gemstone grillz. These flashy pieces will make a fabulous accessory for all those of you who are loving this style.  


Which Celebrities have visited us at Seattle Gold Grills?


Jarran Reed -@jarranreed


Jarran Reed is one of the many football players that have wanted to try the grillz trend. The former #90 Seahawks player, now part of the Kansas City Chiefs, has reached out to Seattle Gold Grills with the desire to try out and experience the popularity and the trendiness of this famous jewelry piece. This was back in his second year with the Seattle Seahawks. Reed himself wanted to have several customized grillz, that would accompany and add to his fashion style, which is somewhere between rap, hip-hop, street style, and sports style. As the grillz were the must-have pieces back then, we have worked with Reed into creating the pieces that would best meet his expectations and at the same time, be flashy, funky, and stylish. We met up at our manufacturing plant, where he was introduced to the process of creating of grillz, which is something he found was interesting and creative. For him, being right on the spot where these custom-made jewelry pieces were being manufactured was an experience that was more than just fashion. For Reed, it was a part of putting its own mark in the process, being present, and feel like a jewelry designer even if it was just for a short time.

Which Celebrities Have Worked With Seattle Gold Grills?

Being able to offer the clients the
experience of creating their custom-made grillz and show themthrough the process is the purest bondingexperience that does create one'sreputation, popularity, and name.

After some research and discussion about tastes and styles, Reed ended up purchasing a few grillz sets. He started withhis custom gold diamond gap-tooth grillzand then got an additional pair of6pc top and bottom plain jane gold grillz.


Modern living today serves some unexpected situations, so Reed, unfortunately, lost these and last year, came back to us for new ones. Already familiar with the process and the choices that we at Seattle Gold Grills offer, his pick fell on a 8 Top 8 Bottom Perm Cut Grillz.

 Which Celebrities Have Worked With Seattle Gold Grills?

Additionally to his pick, he boughta 6 on 6 gold perm cut grillz for his brother.That old term life does serve you some curve balls was proven again. Last Year, while attending the Super Bowl, their grillz were stolen at the airport, alongside the bag they were traveling with.


Kaylon “Poona” Ford -@pford_95


Kaylon “Poona” Ford is the next Seahawks football player that has shown his desire and support to theSeattle Gold Grills.Willing to have a part of the grillz trend, Ford became a regular customer with theSeattle Gold Grills. Whether it was a trend among the football players, or it was his personal wish, Ford decided that he would also like to try out the grillz jewelry. With the complete openness and trust that he has laid with us, we have managed to custom-made something that would make Ford stand out outside the football field. The complete trust that he has left with us resulted in the successful creation of two separate sets, that were both at once – at his first time coming. The one set that Ford bought wasa six top-six bottom 14 karat gold plain Jane grillz.

Which Celebrities Have Worked With Seattle Gold Grills?
The second set he purchased was a12 top 12 Bottom 14 karat plain Jane gold Grillz 
Which Celebrities Have Worked With Seattle Gold Grills?
The purchase of these two sets made Ford so comfortable and he loved the pieces he wore. They fit perfectly and not long after that, he came back for more. It was just a month after he made the initial order, that he wanted to expand his grillz collection. The next thing he went for was the10 top 10 bottom diamond honeycomb said grillz costing over $15,000.


 Which Celebrities Have Worked With Seattle Gold Grills?

This grillz was completely different than the previous two he bought. It was the ultimate luxurious and most original grillz piece that was a self-reward for a person who has worked hard and dedicated his career to the football industry. The flashy and shiny piece was a challenge for us, but the final result and Ford's satisfaction were something priceless.


And just like that, Poona Ford became our regular customer and even more than that. He became a family.


Which Celebrities Have Worked With Seattle Gold Grills?

His frequents visit to the store are always inspired by his creative vision for the next unique piece. Ford has found  grillz to be his statement jewelry, and we at Seattle Gold Grills could not have been happier. Knowing that we have helped inspire and create something unique and custom-made has been the biggest blessing for our company, business, and reputation, and as for Ford, it has been a revelation and introduction to the unique luxurious world of grillz. To further show his appreciation and to our huge pleasure, he has signed his jersey, which today, proudly hangs, framed into our lobby.


 Which Celebrities Have Worked With Seattle Gold Grills?


Besides Reed and Ford, other Seahawks football players that have graced us with a visit and a purchase are the former wide receiver Paul Richardson, Brian Mune, Demarcus Christmas, and many others. There is no greater joy and appreciation of having all of them choosingSeattle Gold Grillsas their grillz choice. We are more than humbled to have this opportunity to work with any of them.


Why choose Seattle Gold Grills?


Being a family business, we know what love, appreciation, and hard work mean. With the willingness to contribute to those who love grillz and are looking for the ultimate original, unique, and custom-made jewelry pieces, we have dedicated our entire mission and vision to create the pieces that will be a true reflection of one's individuality, tastes, and personality. As jewelry pieces, grillz have always been popular. For those who are following this style, they do not know. However, for those who are looking to get their first grillz piece, we are offering more than just jewelry. We will allow you to become part of the process, of the creation and choice that will result in a statement piece that will become part of you. We treat each client the same – with dignity and appreciation. We are thankful for all of those who have put their trust in our store and are now wearing these amazing jewelry pieces.

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